Welcome papers and presentations with the following topics:

1. Hazardous waste management and risk preventionl 

2.Biomass waste treatment and utilization as resources and energy

3. Household refuse classification and disposal technology

4.  Integrated utilization of industrial solid waste

5.Construction waste disposal and utilization as resource and energy

6. Management and policy of regional chemicals

7. Remediation and environmental regulation of contaminated sites

8.Circular economy and the development of urban mining

Paper Selection:

Please submit the abstracts and full papers on the conference website before the corresponding deadlines. Accepted papers will be complied into the Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Waste Management and Technology. The selected outstanding papers will be published by the Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering (FESE) Journal in a special issue on Recycling Materials from the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipments (WEEE).

Poster Display and Oral Presentation:

The authors are encouraged to present the academic posters of their papers during the poster display session or make oral presentations of their papers during the parallel sessions of the conference. The audience’s feedback on the posters will partially impact on the selection of the outstanding papers. The authors of the selected outstanding papers will be awarded by the members of the steering committee.

Name: Dr. Shi Xiong; Ms. Zhang Tianjiao
Address: Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Tsinghua University, School of Environment, Room 805
Tel:86-10-82686410/62794351; 86-13261461306 (Ms. Zhang)
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